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Laser auxiliary targets precision medical extrusion

Article-Laser auxiliary targets precision medical extrusion

New precision equipment is emerging to meet growing quality control demands for producing tight tolerance micro extruder catheters and other types of tubing made from medical plastics. A data accessory called "Pinpoint Capture" from Pinpoint Laser Systems (Peabody, MA) supplements Laser Microgage industrial measuring and laser alignment systems. It is said to allow operators to quickly grab measurement readings from as many as four remote laser receivers to analyze the alignment and performance of extrusion and other industrial equipment.

The Windows-based application interfaces with spreadsheets, statistical analysis packages and other programs, according to Pinpoint Laser systems. Readings can be stored in the handheld display and then uploaded to a PC or laptop or routed directly to the PC or laptop.

It is said to be precise to 0.0001 inch (0.0025 mm) over a working range of 180 feet (55 meters).

Displays can be customized for specific user alignment and measuring applications. A built-in spreadsheet function allows for computations on incoming readings and additional graphing and plotting capabilities.

Pinpoint Laser Systems has also installed standard measurement and alignment routines for general alignment tasks such as spindle and lathe alignment, machine tool runout checks, and other applications. Laser Microgage measurements can be stored automatically with many readings per second or can be recorded over time individually by the user with notes.

The laser reference beam can be used for checking straightness, flatness, squareness, parallelism, bore alignment and many other geometrical parameters.

Pinpoint's aligning equipment is used in several industries including aerospace, aircraft, machine shops, paper and textile mills, shipbuilding facilities, medical scanning equipment, extrusion plants, and electronic assembly facilities.

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