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In-Line Inspection And Monitoring System Measures PET Container Wall Thicknesses

Article-In-Line Inspection And Monitoring System Measures PET Container Wall Thicknesses

September, 2001


In-Line Inspection And Monitoring System Measures PET ContainerWall Thicknesses

0901/pn-4Up to 30,000 PET bottles per hour per blow molding machine outfeed can be inspected and monitored with the PETWall thickness monitoring system. It is designed to detect deviations in material distribution and random distribution-related defects and to alert operators to problems as they occur.

This non-contact, in-line system uses infrared light absorption techniques to determine the wall thickness of targeted areas of a PET container. It has a low-profile, multi-head design that can incorporate up to four measurement sensors on a single outfeed or up to two sensors on each outfeed on a dual output blow molding machine. Because of its low profile (less than 18-in. of line space), it can be located close to the outfeed of the blow molder without using a lot of line space.

Other benefits cited for the system include improved efficiency during changeover and 'settling in' of the blow molding machine and automatic identification and elimination of containers with defects.

Measurement information is displayed on a high-resolution color monitor and includes thickness data for individual containers, reject information, production run summary data and live trend plots.

This unit is priced under $100,000, according to company spokesman David Dineff.

Agr*TopWave LLC
Butler, PA Circle 102

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