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Linear motors boost EDM speed, accuracy

Article-Linear motors boost EDM speed, accuracy

Traditionally, EDMs have been powered by a rotary motor. However, new linear motor servo systems are designed quite differently from the conventional motors?they operate without ball screws, couplings, and other mechanical parts to eliminate backlash and lost motion. What that means is sinker EDMs can achieve better speed, acceleration, and torque for faster, more accurate metal removal and finishing than they were previously capable.

In the past, flushing was a requirement to EDM ribbed cavities of more than 1.5 inches. According to the manufacturer, the new linear motor delivers faster jumps and reacts instantly to minute spark gap changes to eliminate flushing in complex dies and molds. It has an axis speed of 1440 inches/minute with .000004-inch resolution, says Sodick, making it possible to EDM deep cavities.

Also, a new motion controller has replaced the driver used to control more traditional motors. The linear motor also has fewer parts to wear out and has less vibration and more rigidity for smooth, quiet production. Two systems are available, the AM35L and AM55L, which have 350-mm and 550-mm X-travel, respectively. The linear motors will be a standard feature on Sodick?s new EDMs. The photo shows the linear motor head, which is lightweight and equipped with a ceramic slider.

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