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Loader offers simple design, low cost

Article-Loader offers simple design, low cost

Funneling, bridging, and material hang-ups are reportedly eliminated thanks to the new straight-wall design of a low-cost loader. The TLM tube loader is said to cost less than many self-contained motorized loaders, and its tube design allows difficult-to-flow materials to drop from its 4.5-inch-diameter, flapper-style discharge valve. The TLM costs $600 and features a two-stage, 3/8-hp vacuum motor that provides throughputs of 100 lb/hr over distances of 20 ft. The loader can be used to feed dryers, blenders, or machine hoppers, and a direct-feed version is available with a material-view chamber that can be mounted directly to machine throats, feeders, or drawer magnets. The manufacturer has plans for a compressed-air version for use in central vacuum systems. The unit?s design consists of two ergonomic clamps that hold the motor in place on the tube?s top. When the clamps are released, the motor can tilt to the side. Still firmly held by the clamps, this release allows for maintenance of the filter or cleaning of the tube. The motor can also be fully removed to maintain its brushes. Made of electro-polished stainless steel throughout, the loader is reportedly easy to clean, and an integral shroud reduces motor noise. The TLM?s cartridge filter offers 132 sq in of filter area, and its cone shape and spun-bond polyester construction easily release plastic material. An optional high-efficiency blowback chamber can be added for a timed blast of air to clean the filter. An MLC2 control comes standard, and it offers preset fill and unload times to simplify the process. Cycles can be adjusted from the front panel, or an optional pendant-style on/off switch makes turning the system on and off much easier. Ratio loading, purging, or alarm functions can also be added.

The Conair Group Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 312-6000

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