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Long-fiber compounds, improved economics

Article-Long-fiber compounds, improved economics

Building on its engineered long-fiber-thermoplastic (LFT) compounds business, RTP Co. (Winona, MN) recently introduced what it?s calling ?long cut? additives in masterbatch form. They are available as cube blends with the compounder?s line of LFT products. The cube blends have a similar geometry to the long-fiber pellet to minimize separation during handling, and they also represent a more economical way to purchase LFTs.

?We are in a unique supply situation because of our ability to formulate and produce long-cut color and additive packages for our LFT business,? says Eric Lee, business manager of structural materials. ?By applying our compounding competencies to long-cut additives for LFTs, we are able to create robust LFT solutions and minimize lead times for our customers.?

Traditionally, say company sources, LFT suppliers have been limited in the way they deliver materials containing additives. With masterbatch technology, RTP hopes to offer customers more choices, including additives in long-cut masterbatch pellets for dry blending or additives in precompounded LFT pellets.

?Combining other technologies like custom colors, UV stabilization, wear resistance, or static dissipation with long-fiber compounds is an underutilized advantage in the industry today,? says Karl Hoppe, lead development engineer for RTP?s long-fiber compounds. ?With our long-cut additives, customers can now incorporate these technologies at a lower cost compared to traditional LFT compounds.??MM

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