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Low-cost rapid tooling package

Article-Low-cost rapid tooling package

DTM Corp. has fielded a lower-cost, entry-level rapid prototyping and manufacturing package based on refurbished Sinterstation 2000 systems. These machines were previously used for training, demonstration, and development. This special package will be available for $149,000 until the supply of these Sinterstation 2000 systems is exhausted. The Sinterstation 2000 system is able to process all the company?s materials, including DTM?s newest: DuraForm polyamide, DuraForm GF (glass-filled polyamide), copper-polyamide, and RapidSteel 2.0, which now features a stainless steel base metal (see August 1998 IMM, pp. 82-84 and 100-104).

DTM?s Sinterstations have selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. Using a carbon-dioxide laser to fuse plastic, metal, and ceramic powders, SLS can create 3-D objects from a .STL-formatted CAD file. Current commercial SLS materials can be used to make a variety of objects, including injection molds.

In addition to a refurbished Sinterstation 2000 system, the package also includes a ?breakout station,? an initial quantity of DuraForm Polyamide material, as well as installation, user training, and a 90-day warranty.

DTM Corp.
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