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Low-tonnage all-electrics debut

Article-Low-tonnage all-electrics debut

A new line of all-electric machines, starting with a 110-ton model, will be unveiled by Van Dorn Demag at Plastics USA. The IntElect Series will eventually range in size from 50 to 625 tons, with plans to introduce an 80-ton model in December and a 50-ton model in the first quarter of 2002. All the machines will use a five-point toggle that is designed to distribute force evenly and reduce platen deflection. The box-style platens allow greater contact with the tiebars for consistent movement, and dual bushings reduce wear. Separate a-c servomotors independently control clamp, injection, recovery, and ejection. The modular injection unit has a quick-change screw and barrel that offer three different sizes for the components. The unit also has one servomotor for injection boost and one for screw rotation to help synchronize dual drives on one axis and reportedly allow for better backpressure control. The quick-change barrel?s identification allows the control system to automatically recognize new barrels and make adjustments. According to the manufacturer, plug-in heater bands, in addition to these other options, mean changeovers can be completed in 20 minutes. The machine?s pedestal base facilitates part removal from under the clamp, on the operator side, or on the nonoperator side. The 15-inch touch-screen control has Pathfinder software that uses closed loop control and provides connections to the Internet or a host computer. Like other all-electric machines, the IntElect is said to be clean, consistent, and energy efficient. It also reportedly complies with ANSI and SPI safety standards.
Van Dorn Demag Corp.
Strongsville, OH
(440) 876-6231

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