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Machining centers? rpm boosted

Article-Machining centers? rpm boosted

The Awea LP (pictured), SP, and VP series of CNC double-column machining centers are designed to meet heavy-duty cutting requirements while maintaining high precision machining capabilities. And the machines just got faster. With new spindle speeds of up to 12,000 rpm, they offer improved roughing and finishing capabilities. The column, headstock, tables, and beds are made of solid Meehanite cast iron for maximum rigidity. The LP machine?s large work envelope and high speed precision enables larger and wider work pieces. It comes standard with features such as a 50 taper, 32-tool automatic tool changer system with 3500 rpm and 25 hp standard. The column distance is as much as 107 inches. It comes equipped with a Fanuc OM system that uses a 32-bit microprocessor. Five-axis double column machines in all size ranges are available, as are fully automatic five-sided machining centers in sizes from 120 inches to 236 inches of X travel.

The SP Series machines combine heavy-duty capabilities with high speed machining as they also come fully equipped with a 50 taper and 32-tool automatic tool changer system with an upgrade to 60 tools. These machines come with a high torque of 3500 rpm (with options to 6000, 8000, and now 12,000) and 35 hp. The SP and LP series machines have X travels from 120.5, 157, 196, and 236.2 inches. The Y travels are standard at 63, 83, and 98.4 inches. Higher columns can be added for a distance under the rail of 55 inches.

The Awea VP series is suitable for smaller machining needs. It has travels of 60 by 35 by 30 inches and 78 by 47 by 30 inches with distance between the columns at 39 and 55 inches. It also has a 30-inch Z stroke or optional 42-inch Z stroke with more than 60 inches under the column.

The machines are accompanied by the Fanuc O, 18M, Seimens, or Heidenhain 426 control systems. Machines start at $175,000.

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