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Manifolds standardized, yet variable

Article-Manifolds standardized, yet variable

The newest generation of the VC-Series manifold offers standard configurations with customized spacing and runner channel diameters, thus giving the molder a compact, economical solution for medium-to-small part size molding. The standardized systems mean quick delivery times and immediate availability of drawings. Standard shapes are available to meet the requirements of most applications. The VC-Series has smooth flow channels and corners and special endplugs that all promote an even flow of material and enable moldability of difficult materials. A flow analysis is performed on every system to ensure material and application compatibility. With a thickness of 37 mm, the manifolds are offered with four different hot runner nozzle styles: the CA (see March 1999 IMM, p. 88), CB, GA, and the new MCB multitip.

The MCB multitip nozzle can be used either to direct gate small parts or provide multiple gates on larger parts. The nozzle, with up to four tips per nozzle, can reportedly reduce the part cost by up to 25 percent when compared to individual hot runner tips, while hot runner cost can be reduced up to 30 percent as a result of fewer nozzles, smaller manifold, and tighter cavity space. Also, because it can feed four parts per nozzle, the MCB reduces the melt volume inside the runner channels, which improves the molding process. The screw-in tips are made of wear-resistant alloys and are designed to enable efficient color change. The gate-to-gate pitch dimension is available from 19 to 33 mm, depending on the nozzle and number of tips. Pricing for the new manifold and nozzle were described by the manufacturer as competitive.

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