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July 1, 2004

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Additive feeder meters color, regrind

Volumetric Screw Additive Feeders are reportedly accurate and dependable for metering color concentrate, regrind, and other additives. The feeder?s modular design handles one or two materials with an interchangeable stainless steel auger assembly.

Features include a 1/10 hp d-c motor, a closed loop motor control, and a low-profile, 6-inch throat with inspection windows. A convenient sample hatch for calibration, a swing-out drain cover for clean-out, and rugged, easy-to-clean stainless steel augers with interchangeable UHMW polyethylene inserts are included as well.

The feeders are available in a range of models: the SF-2 Additive Feeder has two feeders for dual additives at different rates; the SF-M Mini-Feeder is compact for small machines and extruders, and processes .5 to 15 g/min with a ¼-inch auger; and the SF-200 heavy-duty extrusion feeder processes 50 to 4000 lb/hr.

Sterling Inc., Milwaukee, WI
(414) 354-0970

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