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Unique product technology is designed to reduce or eliminate problem odors and VOCs in automotive and packaging markets.

Stephen Moore

May 14, 2018

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Additive packages home in on odor and VOC reduction

Polymer additives supplier Struktol Company of America is expanding its line of products targeting odor and VOC control. These products target automotive, packaging, and recycling applications.

Struktol’s product line combines various technologies focused on solving even the most complex odor and VOC problems. The products can range from simple odor mask/lubricant blends designed to disguise odors to complex neutralizer plus absorber blends intended to deactivate specific odor-causing species and fix low molecular weight volatiles in plastic resins and compounds.

Struktol VOC/odor reduction additives have been successfully utilized to achieve lower odor panel ratings.

Struktol RP 17, a combination lubricant and odor neutralizing masking agent, was originally designed to reduce/eliminate process-generated and end-product odors in wood-filled plastic compounds. The product has been modified for use in a variety of polymers and compounds that require the multi-functionality of lubrication, mold release, and odor reduction. RP 17 can be used in recycled applications as well as automotive interior compounds where neutral odor may be a requirement.

Struktol RP 53, a blend of odor neutralizing chemistries, is ideal for difficult, high-odor compounds containing problematic species such as mercaptans, amines, and phosphites. The product can be used in a variety of polymer resins but is primarily targeted at polyolefins. RP 53 can be used in recycled applications as well as automotive interior compounds where odor reduction may be a requirement. The product is approved for FDA applications.

Struktol RP 59 is a blend of odor neutralizing chemistries and VOC absorbers intended for difficult, high-odor, and high-volatile content compounds. The product can be used in a variety of polymer resins but is also primarily targeted at polyolefins. RP 59 is very effective in packaging applications to not only reduce or eliminate odors in the packaging polymer but also absorb odors coming from the packaged product.

These products work at low loading levels and can be easily added into most processes including compounding, direct extrusion, and injection molding. In addition to these highlighted products, Struktol is carrying out custom product design around odor and volatile reduction in a variety of resin types.

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