Additive solutions upgrade performance in recycled resins

Vertellus, a global supplier of additives to the plastics and polymer industries, will introduce at NPE 2018, May 7-11 in Orlando, FL, two innovative technologies for driving increased use of recycled polyester in polyamide (PA) resins (creating alloys) and enhancing the benefits of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). By enabling new alloys and compounds containing these recycled resins to deliver improved properties and processability, Vertellus’ new additive solutions – on display in booth #S10155 – will help compounders and OEMs boost sustainability and control costs without sacrificing performance.

Office furniture, sporting goods, automotive parts and textile fibers are among the application targets of a compatibilizing additive for polyesters and polyamides.

The first new Vertellus technology to be highlighted at NPE 2018 is a novel compatibilizer for creating alloys of recycled polyester and PA. This technology enables new materials with performance properties similar to those of virgin PA, but with a significant cost advantage. Key properties are excellent impact strength, tensile strength and flexural modulus. Target applications for these polyester/PA alloys include office furniture, sporting goods, automotive parts and textile fibers.

Vertellus will also showcase a novel, patent-pending technology for upgrading recycled PET and, potentially, bio-plastics such as polylactic acid (PLA). This new additive is expected to deliver higher clarity and better performance at lower dosages.

Also at NPE 2018, the company will discuss growing interest in enhanced co-polyester elastomers to meet the higher material demands for high performance automotive applications. Vertellus Morflex 1129 dimethyl isophthalate intermediate for synthesizing polyesters increases flexibility and structural strength to address these requirements.

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