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Altair Launches Market’s 'Most Comprehensive' Material Database for Simulation

Image: Altair Altair Material Center Database
The database provides engineers and designers access to the structural, fatigue, fluid/thermal, electromagnetic, and other properties of thousands of materials as well as manufacturing-process-specific data.

If part of your job involves plastic material selection, chances are that you might have used M-Base as a resource. The German company that maintains a comprehensive materials database and simulation software was recently bought by Altair, which provides data analytics, simulation, and high-performance computing services from its headquarters in Troy, MI. Altair announced this week one outgrowth of the M-Base acquisition — the launch of the Altair Material Data Center, a comprehensive source of metal, plastics, and composites information for simulation purposes.

Combined with M-Base’s plastic materials database, Altair is now able to offer “the critical comprehensive material information and infrastructure needed to predict and optimize product performance through simulation,” the company said in a press release. Engineers and designers can access the structural, fatigue, fluid/thermal, electromagnetic, and other properties of thousands of materials as well as manufacturing-process-specific data in a stand-alone application or through Altair simulation and optimization tools.

Features of the Altair Material Data Center include:

  • A comprehensive material information management system, with access to materials data for metals, polymers, and composites, including data sheets, raw data, and solver cards with full traceability back to the supplier source.
  • Flexible accessibility and scalability — customers can seamlessly access the Altair Material Data Center as an SaaS solution hosted by Altair or privately to manage proprietary information.
  • An intuitive user experience enabled by a simple web-based interface for browsing, searching, viewing, and comparing material data.
  • Comprehensive simulation-centric data views. Material cards can be quickly and easily generated for Altair’s and all major solvers.
  • Smooth integration — through an open API, the Altair Material Data Center can integrate with any desktop/solver for non-disruptive workflow.
  • Broad and deep partnerships with material manufacturers that ensure accurate, high-quality, up-to-date material information.
  • Material experts can collaborate on the material curation process before it is published in the Altair Material Data Center for enterprise-wide domain-specific access.
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