Chemours prevails over BASF and Covestro to win 2017 Polyurethane Innovation Award

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC; Washington, DC) has named Opteon 1100 from Chemours (Wilmington, DE) the winner of the 2017 Polyurethane Innovation Award. One of three finalists, Chemour’s winning entry was announced during the closing session of the 2017 Polyurethanes Technical Conference in New Orleans in September.

The Chemours team accepts the 2017 Polyurethane Innovation Award for the company's Opteon 1100 product.

Commending Chemours, Lee Salamone, Senior Director of CPI, said, the company's "pioneering application of polyurethane chemistry is a testament to our industry’s commitment to technological progress and the hard work, expertise and creativity of so many individuals.”

Chemours’ Opteon 1100 is a unique hydro-fluoro-olefin (HF) blowing agent that addresses critical polyurethane industry needs, including formulation stability and flexibility with existing components, materials compatibility, long-term insulation performance and a sustainable approach to meeting changing regulatory requirements for low global-warming-potential products.

“Chemours is very excited and proud to be the 2017 CPI Innovation Award winner,” said Joyce Wallace, North American Marketing Manager for Chemours. “Opteon 1100 is an excellent example of true innovation that will take the PU industry to new heights—innovation for our customers and innovation for the world, keeping us warmer in the winter and allowing us to choose solutions that are better for our environment.”

This year’s finalists also included BASF’s Irgastab PUR 70, an amine-free, aromatic solvent-free, anti-scorch system for polyol and PUR foams; and Covestro’s PUReWall, a new spray polyurethane foam formulation that allows for residential wall panel production.

“Each year, the CPI Innovations Award finalists represent our industry-wide drive to transform ideas into new products and technologies that enhance the quality of life,” Salamone said. “I’m thrilled to mark our 60th anniversary with such an incredible display of what’s possible when visionary members discover new applications of polyurethane chemistry.”

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