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Chroma Color Adds to Colorants, Additives Business with Epolin Chemicals Buy

Chroma Color Corp. sign
Epolin will operate as an independent subsidiary of Chroma Color and continue to maintain and invest in its customer and supplier relationships.

Chroma Color Corp. announced the acquisition of Newark, NJ–based Epolin Chemicals LLC, a global supplier of near-infrared absorbing dyes and thermoplastic compounds. The acquisition significantly expands Chroma Color’s portfolio of products in targeted growth markets, said the company.

Epolin serves customers developing groundbreaking products in sensors, security inks, light filters, touch screens, night vision products, and eyewear, said Chroma Color’s announcement. Epolin will operate as an independent subsidiary of Chroma Color and continue to maintain and invest in its strong customer and supplier relationships.

“This acquisition of Epolin will contribute significantly to Chroma Color’s leadership in the colorants and additives industry,” stated Tom Bolger, CEO of Chroma. “We are excited to add Epolin’s cutting-edge NIR dye technology to our expanding product portfolio and the members of the Epolin team to the Chroma family.”

Greg Amato, CEO of Epolin, commented: “Of the many advantages Epolin customers will enjoy as a result of this transaction is access to Chroma Color’s extensive product development, testing, and validation capabilities. Epolin’s customers can now be served by Chroma Color’s ongoing R&D efforts to deliver new solutions in markets that both Epolin and Chroma Color serve.”

Chroma Color is a specialty color and additive concentrate supplier serving a diverse range of markets, including packaging, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and consumer products. Chroma Color’s growth strategy includes both robust organic and inorganic growth and has been built through six acquisitions over more than two years.

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