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Chroma Color Upgrades Multiple Manufacturing Sites, Closes Calumet City Plant

Chroma Color Corp. sign
Chroma Color has invested more than $1.5 million across its manufacturing sites, upgrading equipment and enhancing lab capabilities. It also announced the transition of production from recently acquired Plastics Color Corp. in Calumet City, IL, to other Chroma Color sites.

Chroma Color Corp. has completed significant investments at multiple manufacturing sites as the company fulfills its commitment to continuous improvement and optimization of operations. Chroma Color also announced the transition of all production from its Calumet City, IL, location (formerly Plastics Color Corp. of Illinois) to other Chroma Color manufacturing sites.

Image courtesy Chroma Color Corp.

“Since the acquisition of Plastics Color Corporation’s assets and business earlier this year, we have been diligently exploring a wide array of opportunities to maximize the value we can bring to our customers with an optimal manufacturing footprint,” said Tom Bolger, CEO of Chroma Color. “After careful consideration and recognizing that we have ample capacity available on more advanced manufacturing equipment located at other Chroma Color manufacturing sites, the decision to close the Calumet City location has been made. This decision puts us in the best position to invest in the locations that will best serve our customers.”

Last year, Chroma Color completed an expansion at its Leominster, MA, site with an investment of more than $1 million that included significant structural upgrades, new compounding lines, a new dust collection system, a new state-of-the-art color development laboratory, and improvements to both warehousing and office environments.

Bishop Beall, Vice President of Sales, stated, “In preparation for this transition, Chroma Color has invested more than $1.5 million across our manufacturing sites. These recent investments include new equipment purchases, refurbishment of key equipment and assets, enhancements to our lab capabilities, and a variety of structural upgrades. The equipment upgrades included several twin-screw compounding lines, high intensity mixer, roto-cone blending system, and additional lab equipment. With these investments and the systemic transition plan currently in process, we are confident that this consolidation will allow us to deliver improved products, quality, and service to our valued customers.”

Based on several factors including equipment configurations, process requirements, regulatory requirements, and geographic locations, production is being transferred to Chroma Color’s operations in Asheboro, NC; McHenry, IL; Leominster, MA; and Delaware, OH.

“Since the decision was reached, we have been proactively engaged in the technology transfer of product formulas, manufacturing processes, and regulatory compliance processes,” said Bolger. “We anticipate a seamless transition for current customers served out of Calumet City based on knowledge transfer and extensive experience at our other locations as well as some potential, limited job transfers. Detailed transition plans are in place and expected to be completed by the end of July.”

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