Eastman speaks truth to plastics on the Science Channel

reusable water bottle made from Eastman's Tritan material
This water bottle from AdNArt is made from Eastman Chemical's Tritan copolyester.

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 25, at 8 AM EDT, I recommend that you tune in to the Science Channel to watch the third installment of Eastman Chemical’s appearance on Tomorrow’s World Today. Eastman (Kingsport, TN) was featured in the first two episodes on May 5 (coatings) and May 18 (tires). The May 25 episode will be all about plastics.

Tomorrow’s World Today will be devoted to Eastman’s Tritan copolyester, a material that “has transformed how brand owners, designers, molders and consumers think about clear plastics,” said Eastman Chemical. Viewers can learn how Tritan goes from liquid to pellet and is used to manufacture countless products from reusable water bottles and kitchen blenders to medical equipment. They will also learn what makes Tritan better than glass, stainless steel and any other plastic, said Eastman.

I know there’s been a debate on some of the social media platforms about whether the general public really cares about science. Will average people take the time to watch this TV show on the Science Channel? Do they even care? Or is it easier to believe the hype—plastic is evil and killing the planet—without even trying to learn the science behind this fantastic material?

So, get up early! Wake up your friends and family! Tune in and turn on to the science of plastics and why “plastics make it possible!”

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