Fakuma: Polyplastics touts material developments for automotive, food and beverage applications

Polyplastics featured products made from its food and beverage grade POM.

Japanese materials supplier Polyplastics, which has its European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, came to Fakuma bearing news about its product portfolio for the automotive and food and beverage (F&B) sectors as well as its innovative Laseridge bonding technology.

On the materials side, Ryo Okuizumi, PhD, Senior Manager, Technology & Engineering, highlighted the company’s POM M90 LV and M90-57 brands for automotive and F&B applications, respectively.

“The requirements for POM resin grades with low-VOC emissions for automotive interiors continue to get stricter, and we are meeting this demand with continuous improvement,” said Okuizumi. At Fakuma, the company also highlighted its M90-57 material, which meets both food contact and drinking water regulations in effect in the major European markets.

Polyplastics also touted its Laseridge technology, which bonds dissimilar materials using a laser-based process. “The technology is unique because we can join materials, such as aluminum and PPS, for example, simply by treating the surface and then going to injection molding,” explained Okuizumi. “It has been introduced in China and Japan, and we are now bringing it to Europe.”

To allow EU customers to familiarize themselves with the company’s materials and technology, Polyplastics is planning to open a tech center in Frankfurt soon, possibly as early as next year. The approximately 2000-square-meter facility will include a sales office and a 300-square-meter lab.

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