Flat glass fiber developed for reinforcement of thermoplastic resins

Japan’s Nippon  Electric  Glass  has developed flat glass fiber which features an elliptical cross section. The glass fiber can be cut into chopped strands of fixed length (3 mm) for reinforcing thermoplastic compounds that are characterized by greatly reduced warpage.

Elliptical cross section chopped strands (bottom) used to reinforce thermoplastics can significantly reduce warpage in molded products compared with conventional round glass fibers (top).

The new glass fiber type will debut at Fakuma 2017 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, starting October 17, with commercial shipments commencing in December, 2017

The elliptical chopped strands also lead to improved dimensional stability as compared with conventional chopped strands with round cross sections. Further,  Nippon  Electric  Glass  proprietary surface treatment for the flat glass fibers further improves strength and surface appearance.

Target markets for the flat glass fibers encompass any application for reinforced plastics which requires dimensional stability and good surface appearance in addition to strength, such smartphone and tablet device housings.



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