Global EMI shielding materials market to surpass $9.18 billion by 2025

The global electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials market was valued at $5.38 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $9.18 billion by 2025, seeing a CAGR of 6.23% during the 2017 to 2025 forecast period, according to a report by Coherent Market Insights (Seattle, WA).

EMI is capable of disrupting electronic systems, devices and equipment that are used in various applications within the aerospace, medical, industrial, and automotive and mobility sectors. It can cause temporary disturbances, data losses, system failures and health complications.

The rapid development of wireless technologies has spurred greater demand for EMI shielding.

Trends noted by the study include a rise in demand for conductive coatings and paints, which held a dominant position in 2016. They are expected to maintain their dominance over the forecast period, mainly owing to their extensive use in plastics. Conductive coatings are referred to as electroless plating and vacuum metallization, whereas conductive paints are silver-copper paint, nickel, copper and silver conductive paints.

The consumer electronics segment held the highest market share in applications: 28.82% in 2016. Changing lifestyles, a growing middle-income group and increased disposable income fuel this market growth.

The automotive segment is forecast to be the fastest growing application segment in the EMI shielding materials market in the near future. The rapid adoption of advanced electronics in vehicles, such as wireless phone chargers, in-vehicle Wi-Fi networks, voice activated controls, remote starters, power seats, keyless ignitions and automatic sliding doors is fueling demand for EMI shielding materials in that industry.

The Coherent Market Insights study cites Asia Pacific as accounting for the highest market share in terms of revenue in the global EMI shielding materials market in 2016. It is projected to be the fastest growing region, especially in China and India. Various government initiatives in these regions are fueling growth of the automotive sector, which in turn is driving growth of the EMI shielding materials market.

The key players operating in the global EMI shielding materials market, according to Coherent Market Insights, include 3M, Chromerics, ETS-Lindgren, Henkel AG & Co., KGaA, Kitagawa Industries Co. Ltd., Laird PLC, Leader Tech Inc., PPG Industries Inc., RTP Co., Schaffner Holding AG and Tech-Etch Inc.

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