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August 23, 2008

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Granulator pelletizes soft materials

NP_SRS_ac.gifA new screenless granulator has been introduced to specifically process TPEs and other soft materials. The Bi-Cutter screenless granulator processes soft materials that can be quite difficult to pelletize. By using a patented two-shaft cutter design, the Bi-Cutter?s second-stage stationary and rotary cutters adjust to tight tolerances. This design permits soft materials, like TPE, to be granulated into consistent pieces and reprocessed with virgin material. The screenless granulator?s clean-cutting action is said to minimize dust. The Bi-Cutter can also handle other conventional materials and reportedly even some glass-filled resins. Cutting chambers range in size from 6 by 8 inches up to 15 by 17 inches.(517) 333-2605

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