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March 1, 2004

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Hot runner nozzle heater for engineered materials

NP_Gunther_HotSet_combo2C.gifGunther?s Hot Slot heating element technology is now available in the company?s Gatekeeper nozzles. The Hot Slot heaters feature a precision heat profile that reportedly controls temperature at the gate while eliminating degradation in the body of the nozzle.

The heaters have a mineral-insulated cable heater that is pressed into a milled slot in a brass sleeve made from bar stock, so the heating element is located in the same spot in relation to the gate every time. This is said to prevent temperature variance from nozzle to nozzle in a mold. There are no voids to interrupt heat transfer because the element is pressed into a milled brass bar stock sleeve rather than cast into brass.

Gunther Hot Runner Systems Inc.
Buffalo Grove, IL
(800) 527-7867; www.gunther-usa.com

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