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IMMC materials news 5751

May 7, 2000

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IMMC materials news

MIM services
The Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing & Advanced Materials in Delaware and its German parent organization, IFAM, specialize in the development and technology transfer of powder-metallurgy-based materials and processes. In addition to developing MIM binder systems, their capabilities include feedstock preparation, sintering, and processing pure refractory metals, iron-nickel alloys, titanium and titanium-alloys, hard and soft magnetic alloys, and ultrafine and nanophase materials. Contact: Donald Kupp, Fraunhofer Center—Delaware; phone: (302) 369-6757; fax: (302) 369-6763.

New facilities
Quebec Metal Powders Ltd. (Montreal, PQ) has completed an expansion of its manufacturing plant in Tracy, PQ, increasing capacity by 40 percent to 200,000 metric tons/year. Included in the now completed three-year-long expansion is a new ladle furnace with an automated alloying system, the largest in the industry, and a doubling of steel powder blending capacity. Contact: David Au; phone: (514) 288-8400; fax: (514) 288-1333.

Zschimmer & Schwarz GmbH & Co. has opened a new, full-service PIM demonstration center and laboratory at its headquarters in Lahnstein, Germany to fine-tune its adaptable Siliplast line of binding systems for custom-formulated ceramic and metal PIM feedstocks. Contact: Sylvia Scwartz; phone: +49 (2) 621 12546; fax: +49 (2) 621 12403.

Joint ventures
In a joint development effort with Inmatec, Clariant GmbH (Sulzbach, Germany) now offers a range of ready-to-process metal and ceramic compounds. The selection includes stainless steel, low-alloy steel, hard alloys, porcelain, oxide ceramics, aluminum nitride, and silicon nitride. Custom compounds are also available. Contact: Ingrid Reusch; phone: +49 (6196) 757- 8130; fax: +49 (6196) 757 8862.

Metal powder supplier Höganäs AB (Höganäs, Sweden) has entered into an agreement to purchase iron, copper, and bronze powder-producing subsidiaries Pyron Corp. and Pyron Metal Powders Inc. from Zemex Corp. Contact: Richard L. Lister, Zemex; phone: (416) 365-5667.

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