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Lanxess earns EPA registration for novel plastics preservatives

Clare Goldsberry

April 6, 2016

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Lanxess earns EPA registration for novel plastics preservatives

The Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit of Lanxess Corp., headquartered in Cologne, Germany, has received Environment Protection Agency (EPA) FIFRA registration for several new biocide formulations based on the active ingredients Thiabendazole (TBZ) and lodopropynylbutylcarbamate (IPBC). Lanxess will market these products under the brand names Biochek 8064, Biochek 8064 DOTP and Biochek 8065.

Approved for use in flexible PVC systems and other polymer compounds, the materials demonstrate effective control of a wide range of microorganisms at cost-effective concentrations. These products come in liquid form, making them easy to use in the Plastisol or dry-blend processes, for example.

Polymer compounds such as plasticized VPC or TPU are susceptible to microbial attack and degradation because of the plasticizer content, which serves as a food source for microorganisms. This results in a loss of mechanical properties and changes in color or odor. The addition of biocides inhibits growth of microorganisms and, therefore, extends the service life of the plastic parts.

“These registrations open up a new market for us in plasticized PVC,” said Patricia Souza, Head of the MPP business unit in the NAFTA region. “Lanxess MPP is a global leader in biocides for wood protection, construction and disinfectants, and we are excited to now serve the plastics industry with our quality active ingredients and formulations.”

In addition to a broad product portfolio distributed worldwide, the MPP business unit relies on a global network of Technology Centers, including one located in Pittsburgh, PA, offering microbiological and analytical services; access to regulatory specialists who work with the EPA, FDA and appropriate state agencies to ensure all products are properly registered and approved; and a production, distribution, sales and customer service network that provides a platform for customer growth.

Lanxess had 2015 sales of €7.9 billion, and has approximately 16,200 employees at 52 production sites in 29 countries.

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