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Look what the Storch brought

Article-Look what the Storch brought

Look what the Storch brought
A start-up company in Staufenberg, Germany, has come up with an illuminating idea for navigating the dark days of winter with a baby carriage. The company, called Storch, which is German for stork, is focusing on the development of ecologically responsible baby products, based on a close analysis of the daily interactions between infants and parents. Working closely with Covestro (Leverkusen, Germany), formerly Bayer MaterialScience, it has now launched its Luna lamp, a small LED light that is attached by means of a magnet to the inside of a baby carriage hood.

Covestro provided support on the choice of material. Its Makrolon 2207, a special polycarbonate from the Covestro line of products developed especially for energy-efficient LED lighting applications, was found to provide an optimum distribution of the LED light. Makrolon 2207 is a translucent material that also helps to minimize glare, creating a soft effect with enough light to see into the carriage without dazzling a baby’s eyes.

The lamp is activated simply by a light tap. Two different brightness levels are available or a soothing play of colored light can be selected.

“In addition to excellent light properties, the Makrolon material is characterized by great durability and fracture resistance,” says Dennis Caspar, Storch entrepreneur and developer of the lamp.

Makrolon 2207 is a high-flow thermoplastic material suitable for thin wall molding. It is robust, lightweight and impact resistant, even at extremely low temperatures. It has a high dimensional stability and is easily molded, with easy-release properties and is a smart choice for applications that require a durable, heat-stable material. All these properties came together in fabricating the dome on the Luna lamp.

“From its high-grade parts to its German manufacturing, Luna meets the highest quality standards,” said Caspar.

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