Makrolon makes streetlights shine brighter, environmentally speaking

Diamond streetlightA collaborative effort among Injecao Plastica in the Netherlands, Albis Plastic (Hamburg, Germany) and Covestro (Leverkusen, Germany) has resulted in the optimization of Strapitec’s Diamond streetlights, which illuminate various communities throughout the Netherlands. By using the translucent Makrolon grade 2407 021180 in the lamp housing, key features of the application were improved.

While offering a warmer light than before, the material delivers the ecological benefits that come with a high lumen/watt ratio and end-of-life recyclability. The well-designed light housing is robust and waterproof, enabling long usage and a good return on investment. Its strong vertical illumination ensures an efficient light distribution and social safety, said the release from Albis Plastic.

Covestro supplemented Albis Plastic’s understanding of customer needs with its high-performance Makrolon light diffusion portfolio. “With the successful commercialization of the Diamond streetlight project, Albis underlines the important benefits that can be brought to customers through the distribution partnership with Covestro,” said Vice President of Distribution PCS EMEA, Achim Gustorf.

ALTECH PA6 Eco 2030/219 was chosen for the lamp foot for its environmental performance, combined with cost competitiveness, and for extra security in freezing and dry conditions.

Ronald Brink, Managing Director, Albis Benelux, commented, “This streetlight is a good example of how to further optimize the performance and cost-effectiveness of an application with close collaboration and clear analysis resulting in the selection of the best possible material.”

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