Materials supplier Velox adds high-flow PEEK to PrimeTec portfolio

March 01, 2019

Velox: thin-wall molded plastic partMaterials supplier Velox GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) has added a new grade of PEEK to its PrimeTec portfolio of custom technical plastics. First customers have already started sampling this grade.

PrimeTec PEEK 110G combines high flow, temperature resistance, stiffness and strength, and chemical resistance in aggressive environments.

The grade is suited for molding micro parts and for thin-wall applications where long flow paths are unavoidable, said Velox. The material offers considerable freedom in design, added the company.

PrimeTec PEEK 110G can also be used as a base in the manufacture of highly filled compounds for a range of industrial applications including metal replacement.

Velox distributes the PrimeTec PEEK range throughout Europe.

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