New antioxidant is designed for flexible polyurethane slabstock foams, elastomers and hot melt adhesives

SongwonThe latest addition to Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd.’s range of antioxidants is a liquid butylated octylated aminic antioxidant is suitable for various substrates, including polyols. Songnox 5057 complements Songwon’s already broad range of aminic, phenolic, phosphite and thioester antioxidants, and is designed for flexible polyurethane slabstock foams, elastomers and hot melt adhesives. Foams are used in numerous different industries ranging from furniture and bedding to automotive components and sports applications.

Applied in combination with hindered phenols such as Songnox 1135 or Songnox 1076, Songnox 5057 is said to protect polyols against degradation during storage and transportation. In addition, this combination prevents scorching, i.e., discoloration in the center of the foam, during the manufacture of flexible polyurethane foams.

“Thanks to its low volatility and its liquid form, Songnox 5057 is suitable for numerous substrates and applications,” explained Thomas Schmutz, Leader Technical Service & Application Development. He added: “In many industries, the quality standards required for foams are becoming more rigorous. Since Songnox 5057 contains very little residual diphenylamine, it allows us to address specific customer needs in demanding polyurethane applications.”

Songnox 5057 is manufactured at Songwon’s facility in Ulsan, South Korea. Since other industry standard aminic as well as phenolic (Songnox 1135) antioxidants are already produced there, the new product is helping to add further economic value through production efficiency and scale. “Our state of the art plant enables Songwon to supply products cost effectively all over the world and is ideally situated to support customers everywhere, including in Asia, the market with the highest growth,” commented Elena Scaltritti, Leader Business Unit Polymer Stabilizers.

“Songwon’s focus on and continuous investment in key, cutting edge solutions that meet today’s high standards once more underline our long-term commitment to the plastic additives industries,” continued Scaltritti. “The additional, in-house production capacity created has put Songwon in a position to expand successfully by developing additives for other products in addition to polyolefins.”

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