New PP plant slated for Southeast Asia

Leading Southeast Asia polypropylene producer, HMC Polymers plans to construct a fourth polypropylene (PP) plant at its Map Ta Phut site, Rayong Province Thailand, bringing HMC’s total PP production capacity to over 1 million tonnes annually and maintaining position as Southeast Asia’s largest PP producer. The new plant will be based on advanced Spherizone technology and have a capacity of 220,000 tonnes/yr.

“HMC will continue our mission to push the boundaries of Polypropylene product performance” stated President, Martyn Tickner. “We believe our key markets in Northeast and Southeast Asia, Japan, India and Australia will continue to evolve towards more advanced product requirements. HMC has unique capabilities to meet those requirements and combined with our strong support from Joint Venture partners PTT Global Chemical, LyondellBasell and leading Thai investors, we can further expand our differentiated product offering and achieve substantial value growth. Our new capacity will also ensure that we can continue to support the growth of our long standing and very loyal base of Thai customers”. 

Tickner further explained that HMC have entered into a license agreement with leading PP technology provider LyondellBasell, and have now completed the process design of the most advanced Spherizone plant in the history of this technology. The new plant will produce specialty PP resins, targeting both consumer and industrial markets, and is expected to start-up in first half of 2022.

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