New stretch film easily deforms and quickly returns to its original dimensions

New applications have been developed for film technologies that offer resilience, absorb shock and recover their dimensions after deforming. Toray Industries Inc. (Tokyo) announced that it has developed just such an elastic film that easily recovers its original shape and size after folding and rolling for applications such as displays and wearable devices.

Scientific research

Conventional film technologies present tradeoffs between flexibility and restorative capabilities, as cross-links have to be reduced to ensure flexibility. Toray has leveraged proprietary polymer engineering and film deposition technologies to develop a film that eliminates these tradeoffs. The film provides the heat resistance, printability (adhesiveness) and free surface profiles needed for such processes as coating, printing and bonding on the film surface. It should find significant device applications in the years ahead, said Toray.

The new film deforms when subjected to the slightest force and is free of hysteresis—the process of energy dissipation through deformation—even when stretched twice its original length. It recovers its original state even after stretching for long periods and performs perfectly between -20o and 80oC, said the company.

Another key benefit of the film is that it withstands drying and heat treatment at up to 150oC and is screen and ink-jet printable. The film can have a smooth or matte surface and handle uneven shapes, as needed, said Toray.

Image: Goodluz/Adobe Stock

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