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July 1, 2008

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Plug materials for pharma

THERMOFORMINGIn cooperation with Montesino Associates LLC, a pharmaceutical packaging consulting firm, this firm has developed HYTAC-Rx, a syntactic plug-assist material developed solely for pharmaceutical blister packaging. HYTAC-Rx syntactic materials are food-contact grade and are listed in CMT Materials’ Drug Master File (DMF), number 21370. Plug-assist tooling results in more uniform material distribution and improved barrier performance.The new plug material is available in both a high-slip and a high-stick formulation. These material options provide the manufacturer with greater control over the thermoforming process, and the ability to optimize plug-assist tooling for better material distribution and performance. This may result in the ability to down-gauge film thickness, providing substantial cost savings, especially with some of the new, higher-priced multilayer films.CMT Materials Inc., Attleboro, MA, U.S.A.; +1 508-226-3901; www.cmtmaterials.com

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