PolyOne introduces chemical foaming additives for injection molding

PolyOne (Avon Lake, OH) has launched ColorMatrix Excelite IM chemical foaming additives (CFAs) formulated specifically for injection molding applications. Described as a complement to its liquid Excelite CFA portfolio for extrusion, the new Excelite IM CFAs are engineered for a range of injection molded polymers, including olefins, PVC, polystyrene, PC/ABS and high-heat materials.

plastic pallets using PolyOne Excelite IM chemical foaming additives
Excelite IM chemical foaming additives enable weight and density reductions in molded parts such as these plastic pallets.

Excelite IM consists of a fully endothermic concentration that improves dispersion over conventional CFAs for enhanced performance and efficacy, said PolyOne. With Excelite IM, processors can achieve density reductions, smoother surface finishes and reduced sink marks, resulting in lower scrap rates and higher productivity.

“Excelite IM provides our injection molding customers with process efficiencies and quality improvements that help them differentiate and reduce costs, while reinforcing our proven track record in foaming technologies for weight and density reduction,” said Will Nordloh, General Manager, ColorMatrix North America with PolyOne. “We’re also directly addressing customer needs and market trends for sustainability and lightweighting.”

New Excelite IM chemical foaming additives are suitable for use in automotive, construction, commercial, personal care packaging or structural foamed applications. Specific grades are also available to meet food contact requirements.

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