Polyplastics to highlight material and technology innovations at Fakuma 2018

October 04, 2018

Polyplastics, a global supplier of engineering thermoplastics, will showcase its cutting-edge material solutions, technology innovations and the latest applications at the upcoming Fakuma 2018 exhibition October 16–20 in Friedrichshafen, Germany (hall B1, booth 1213).

Under Polyplastics’ show theme “We Drive Your Innovations,” the company will focus on e-mobility, along with its efforts in research and development. The company’s newly established technical center in Frankfurt offers expanded customer support, delivering design and product development expertise for a range of applications.

Polyplastics will exhibit the latest developments from its broad product portfolio, including Duracon POM, Duranex PBt, Durafide PPS, Laperos LCP and Topas COC resins. Examples of recent applications, including inner energy vehicles, high-end electric devices, and food and sanitary products, will also be displayed.

Other key material developments include POM resin grades with low-VOC emissions for the production of automotive interiors. These Duracon low-VOC Acetal grades are specifically designed to meet the latest regulations governing the concentration of VOCs in automotive interiors.

Polyplastics will also highlight its new Durafide PPS grade, which delivers improved heat-shock resistance for a range of automotive applications. In addition, the company will showcase its extensive range of engineering thermoplastics, which facilitate laser welding of housing  components for the automotive and electrical/electronics industries.

At Fakuma, Polyplastic will present the viability of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) for bump-off molding of automotive engine cooling systems. Bump-off molding results in an undercut that “bumps” in two directions and ejects from the mold without using a sliding structure. The parting line (mold lip) goes away, allowing for a burr-less mold. Polyplastics’ linear Durafide PPS, which already offers superior performance over rivals like nylon 66, now has bump-off molding capabilities to eliminate deburring.

Polyplastics has also developed Duranex 457EV, an unfilled, high-impact PBT that satisfies the UL 2251 standard for electrical/electronics and automotive applications.


Image courtesy of Polyplastics

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