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Product News - Computerized Materials Management System Is For Gravimetric Blenders

January 1, 1999

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Product News - Computerized Materials Management System Is For Gravimetric Blenders

Computerized Materials Management System Is For Gravimetric Blenders

pn2.jpgThe Gravimetric Gateway Materials Management System represents the 'a step up' from this blender manufacturer's MLAN for Windows materials management system. The new system is networkable, and thus will allow processors to optimize raw material consumption for a single plant or a worldwide, multi-plant operation.

Primary benefits cited for the system include: easy custom programming to meet specific requirements; new networking capabilities, both in-plant and inter- plant, the latter via internet; and 'virtually instant accessibility' for software upgrades, addition of gravimetric blenders, and frequent product changes to meet JIT manufacturing re-quirements.

The system uses Linux software, an operating system that is used in industrial applications and  available from Unix at no charge, as well as specially equipped PCs supplied by the manufacturer.

This hardware/software package enables two-way communication between the PCs and the controllers of the builder's Weigh Scale Blenders on multiple processing machines. The system tracts material consumption by weight for each machine to provide complete plant-wide or company-wide material management.

Other features include:

* Expanded data acquisition and downloading functions that include the ability to store up to 2000 product recipes, each of which can be identified by up to 15 alphanumeric characters. Because the system accounts for every material that passes through process machines by weight, companies can use this 'gateway' to determine part yields, isolate the reasons for 'lost' material and accurately forecast inventory requirements.

* Advanced batching capabilities for the off-line pre-blending of raw materials. In addition to programmed filling of containers, the system produces customized labels with data such as time/date, weight, recipe name and percentages and individual ingredient weights.

* In-plant and inter-plant communication capabilities made possible by the incorporation of transmission control protocol (TCP) and Internet protocol (IP) drivers. This includes compatibility with Ethernet (10 megabits/sec) and Fast Ethernet (100 megabits/sec) local area network (LAN) software, as well as other communication systems.

"This technology enables manufacturers to control the single largest cost factor in plastics processing today­raw materials," says Stephen Maguire, President. He noted that using MLAN for Windows, customers have achieved raw material cost savings "in excess of $100,000/yr."

Available now in English, version 1.0 will be released in German, Italian, French and Spanish early this year. Pricing depends on the number of blenders to be linked and other factors. Current users of MLAN for Windows can upgrade to the new system.

Maguire Products, Inc.
Aston, PA  

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