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Product News - Control Option Expands Materials Handling Systems For GrowingProcessors

August 1, 1999

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Product News - Control Option Expands Materials Handling Systems For GrowingProcessors

Control Option Expands Materials Handling Systems For Growing Processors

pn23-899.jpgThe new Exxpand control system from Novatec is an optional offering for processors looking to expand the capabilities of their material vacuum conveying systems at a lower installation cost than associated with standard systems.

The control can be purchased with Novatec's materials-handling system (Apr '99 PA, p 40) or it can used with other manufacturers' systems. However, the company recommends you contact them to make sure your existing system can adapt to the new control.

The Exxpand distributed control network is said to provide lower-cost,

Other features cited by the manufacturer:

  • 225-sq-in. filter area

  • 1.75-hp vacuum motor

  • Solid-state controls

  • Air-pulse operation to guarantee efficient filter cleaning

  • Durable cloth filter

  • Control box lights to indicate power on, convey time, empty cycles, filter cleaning and alarm conditions

  • Alarm light to alert operator when unit fails to load or discharge material after three consecutive attempts

  • V-band lid to provide easy access for cleaning

  • Large discharge dump area to eliminate bridging

PN 25-8/99The HL-2 can be plugged into a Comet CPV proportioning valve so it can provide precise proportioning. Price is $2750. Circle 116

Powder feeder is designed to work with non-free-flowing materials and can be used on both volumetric and gravimetric blenders. The feeder can meter from 0.5 gm/hr to 150 lb/hr. Price is $2500. 

The MP feeder's housing and metering disk are made of cast aluminum with nickel plating. The planetary gear is made of nylon, while the agitator and travis are made of stainless steel. The entire assembly is bolted to a bearing for precision alignment of the metering disk.

Comet Automation Systems, Inc.
Dayton, OH

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