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January 1, 2000

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Reprocessing Machine Pelletizes High-Melt-Index Materials

Reprocessing Machine Pelletizes High-Melt-Index Materials

pn28-100.jpgMunchy Ltd., the UK-based builder of systems for reprocessing plastics has introduced the AquaSlide, a reprocessing machine said to be capable of pelletizing very high-melt-index materials (typically 2000 mfi and above).

A system incorporating AquaSlide technology was installed at a nonwovens plant in the U.S. late last year. Munchy says that it believes the system is the only one in the world capable of pelletizing the high-melt-index, nonwoven, melt-blown and spun-bonded polypropylene produced at this site.

In operation, material passes from the size reduction and feeding system to a P100 extruder. The molten material then passes through a screen changer and melt pump to an 8-nozzle strand die and a water slide to cool the strands.

Pellets are cut after cooling instead of before as with other Munchy water-cooled systems. This is said to be essential because of the high-viscosity of the material being processed.

Munchy Ltd.
Oxfordshire, UK 

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