Sabic announces new investment in high-heat Ultem resin capacity

Sabic Singapore facility
Sabic's Ultem resin facility in Singapore.

Sabic (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) announced that it is making significant investments in expanding capacity for its Ultem and Extem high-heat resins to meet growing demand. A new production plant in Singapore is due to come on stream in the first half of 2021, making Sabic the only high-heat resin producer with manufacturing capabilities in all regions. In addition, it has made investments to expand short-term capacity to support immediate growing demand.

Rudy Miller, Director, High Heat Business, explained that Ultem resins offer elevated thermal resistance, strength and stiffness, as well as broad chemical resistance. Ultem is compatible with extrusion, thermoforming, extrusion blowmolding and injection molding processes.

Extem resin meets even higher heat requirements than Ultem resin, with enhanced creep and strength performance at elevated temperatures. This resin has the capability to fill thin-wall, complex, miniaturized parts, and provides IR transparency and lead-free soldering options.

In total, Sabic is expanding production capacity by more than 50%.

Application innovations are a major driver for both Ultem and Extem resins, and there are “plenty [of new applications] in the pipeline,” said Miller. In particular, he cited electronics applications in autonomous vehicles, smart grids for solar and wind energy, sophisticated appliances, consumer portable devices, telecom infrastructure, smart meters and connectors.

With regard to the company’s commitment to sustainability, Miller noted that Sabic’s high-heat resins “are making their contribution through their use in medical, automotive and aerospace applications already available today,” including multi-sterilizable materials that enable the re-use of medical equipment and metal replacement solutions in automotive that reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption.

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