Sabic K Show highlights—performance and processing efficiency

While circularity will feature prominently at Sabic’s K Show stand (stand D42, hall 6)  this October in Düsseldorf, expect to see an array of additional technological highlights beyond certified circular plastics.

One highlight will be the Cohere S series of polyolefin plastomers (POPs) boasting up to 10% lower seal temperature that will enable conversion machinery to run faster for production of frozen food and bag-in-box packaging, pouches, co-extruded protection films, and stretch wrap, among other applications.

Sabic has also developed a high melt strength grade of polypropylene (PP) dubbed Sabic PP UMS (for ultra-melt strength) that can be used in expanded lightweight PP returnable packaging for e-commerce. With a melt strength of 65 cN, Sabic estimates that foamed packaging made from the material could be reused up to 30 times.

Sabic PP 514M12, meanwhile, is an odor-free grade made using phthalate-free, peroxide-free technology for application in melt-blown fibers (lightweight, breathable nonwovens). Applications include hygiene products, medical masks, air filtration and wet tissues for industrial use.

Sabic also sees a market opportunity for its Lexan polycarbonate (PC) resin in grille-less designs for electric vehicles. These can incorporate transparent panels to add new functionality such as lighting effects and integration of sensors, while also differentiating EV platforms. Use of PC can reportedly offset the weight of new components required for electric, connected and autonomous vehicles

Sabic also plans to showcase a new concept for battery protection combining thermoplastic and metal that is 40–60% lighter (up to 20 kg) versus an all-metal version. The solution features an e-coatable resin with excellent energy absorption and eliminates multiple metal stamping pieces with a single-piece hybrid solution for ease of assembly.

In the appliance field, Sabic will introduce grades such as PP FPC 70 Flowpact ICP, a high gloss grade for replacement of polystyrene in refrigerator inner door liners.

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