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November 1, 2003

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System transfers material from bag to mixer

NP_NBE_poor-01.jpgA bulk bag unloading system transfers non-free flowing material on demand directly from the bag to an existing mixer. The unloading system comes with manual and automatic controls. In the automatic mode, the unloading system receives an input signal from the mixer that simultaneously starts massage paddles, the transition hopper?s mechanical agitator, and an incline helical screw conveyor. Once the targeted batch weight has been reached, the above options are automatically stopped.

The massage paddles, loop retractor bag hanger bar, E3 spout interface device, and mechanical agitator located directly above the inlet to the incline conveyor keep flow consistent from the bag to the mixer. The loop retractor hanger bar and E3 combine to stretch the bag approximately 18 inches, forming it into a steep cylindrical shape that promotes flow and complete material discharge from bulk bags of non-free flowing materials.

Massage paddles are designed for positive displacement of material from the bag. Six-inch-bore pneumatic cylinders raise the paddles to a vertical position, with the flow aid portion of the paddle reaching approximately 15° past vertical. The mechanical agitator prevents the product from bridging or ratholing above the inlet to the incline screw conveyor. Additionally, the E3 bag spout interface system eliminates dusting during product discharge while preventing foreign material on the outside of the bag from contaminating the process.

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