Thermal stabilizer functions at up to 440°C

Japan’s Daicel Corporation has unveiled the world’s first thermal stabilizer (antioxidant) that is effective at unprecedented high temperature ranges of over 250°C. The nanocarbon-based thermal stabilizer Dinnovare is expected to be suitable for both the processing of engineering plastics and their continuous-use at high temperatures, and thermal stabilization of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic composites (CFRP/CFRTP). Due to the thermal stability of its diamond structure, Dinnovare can function as a thermal stabilizer under atmospheric air at a temperature of over 250°C, even though conventional antioxidants decompose under such conditions.

Dinnovare’s Structure

Hindered phenols are commonly used to stop chain reactions caused by free radicals and hydroperoxide intermediates. Since Dinnovare has hundreds of functional groups that are similar to hindered phenols on the surface, they can scavenge peroxy radical intermediates through the oxidation process.

Daicel investigated the thermal stability of Dinnovare/polyetheretherketone (PEEK) composites prepared via adding 0.5wt% of Dinnovare powder during thermal kneading. Thermogravimetric curves indicate a higher heat tolerance of PEEK/Dinnovare composite at 440°C under an airflow. In addition, PEEK/Dinnovare composites retain their mechanical properties after thermal aging in air at 300 °C for 1000 hours.

Daicel offers free Dinnovare samples to potential clients for testing through the following website. Daicel says it will decline such requests from their competitors, people in trading firms, and individual users who do not belong to any organization.

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