Third-gen real-time polymerization monitoring system more accurately characterizes material properties

Fluence Analytics (New Orleans, LA), a manufacturer of industrial and laboratory monitoring systems, has released its third-generation ACOMP product. ACOMP, which stands for automatic continuous online monitoring of polymerization, is an automated smart manufacturing system that continuously analyzes polymers during production and enables real-time insights into reaction kinetics and polymer properties, including residual monomer, monomer conversion, polymer composition, molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity.

The first two generations of ACOMP were installed at an industrial facility, where more than 98% on-stream availability was achieved. By enabling the real-time measurement of intrinsic viscosity and monomer conversion down to low parts-per-million levels, the customer, a global specialty chemical company, optimized batch cycle time by an average of 17%, according to Fluence Analytics.

Fluence Analytics how it works

Improvements to the third-generation ACOMP include an enhanced software user interface and analytics functionality, an upgraded detector train and new smart sensors. It also has a higher temperature throughput, which allows it to process a broader range of polymer applications. Fluence Analytics recently shipped the first third-generation ACOMP to a life sciences industry leader producing medical-grade polymers.

“This evolution in ACOMP improves the user’s experience, contributes to overall efficiency and more accurately characterizes important polymer properties,” said Michael Drenski, CTO of Fluence Analytics. “We look forward to using our third-generation ACOMP to optimize polymerization processes for our customers.”

Fluence Analytics also is launching a demo program that will allow interested companies to experience the benefits of ACOMP first-hand by evaluating specific polymer chemistry applications. Demo units will also be available for purchase.

The company believes that ACOMP has the potential to change how polymer materials are developed and manufactured around the world. “This smart manufacturing technology enables optimum efficiency, profitability and sustainability,” said Alex Reed, CEO of Fluence Analytics.

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