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Measurement software offers direct CAD interface

Aiming to increase functionality and performance, Brown & Sharpe has enhanced its PC-DMIS measurement and inspection software. PC-DMIS version 3.2 provides a direct CAD interface to programs such as Catia, Unigraphics, Pro/Engineer, SDRC, and Acis. Users can create part programs directly in the CAD model, reducing programming time and improving accuracy. The integrated graphics reporting function has been improved for users to create and position dimension boxes on the screen. A graphical layout tool allows drag-and-drop editing so text, charts, documents, logos, and bitmapped images can be included in reports.

Building on the graphic user interface introduced in version 3.0, the custom toolbar provides a one-click start routine for probe qualifications, part alignments, and hyper-reporting functions. With the new 3-D animation capability programmers can include elements such as digitized images of parts and fixtures on the screen. Operators can visually verify the setup and program prior to actual part inspection, and the programmer can insert visual tutorials explaining how to run complex jobs.

The interactive hyper-reporting feature reportedly allows more flexibility in report formatting and data handling. The deviation of individual data points can be graphically displayed along with a text description, allowing users to analyze combinations of points and graphically view the rest. The enhanced version is fully PTB certified, supports all standards such as DMIS and IGES, and includes an ISO tolerancing capability.

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