Acrylic-based co-polymer just what doctor ordered for molding medical connector

Qosina medical connectorQosina (Parsippany, NJ) knows a thing or two about medical plastic components. If you have attended any of the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) trade shows, some of which are co-located with the PLASTEC events, you’ve probably seen Qosina’s booth and its cornucopia of stock components for medical devices. It claims to manufacture more than 5,000 single-use components, featured in a hefty 500-page-plus catalog, and frequently collaborates with OEMs on custom parts. Satisfying customer demand and preventing production downtime, while meeting the rigorous quality demands of a regulated industry, is a top priority for Qosina. It recently shared how an acrylic-based co-polymer from Evonik (Essen, Germany) helps it to achieve those goals.

Qosina selected Evonik’s Cyrolite G-20 HiFlow compound to manufacture specialized luer-lock connectors for catheter and drainage applications. “Delays in manufacturing were creating issues for us in terms of meeting customer demand in a timely fashion,” said Geri Trautman, Product Development Manager at Qosina. “So, after we started working on our own tooling and molding source, Evonik pointed us toward its Cyrolite G-20 HiFlo, a material that is easy to process and saves us considerable production costs over the long run.”

The BPA-free, impact-modified co-polymer is well suited for the injection molding and extrusion of medical devices, said Qosina. The material offers a balance of physical properties and chemical resistance as well as excellent processability and flow characteristics required for extremely thin-walled applications and complex multi-cavity molds. It can also be bonded to PVC tubing and sterilized by EtO gas and gamma irradiation.

Qosina said that Cyrolite G-20 HiFlow ultimately lowered production costs thanks to reduced mold temperatures, ease of processability and fast cycle times.

“This efficiency in the production process, coupled with proven performance capabilities, made this a win-win across the board for us,” said Michael Gillis, Supplier Relations Manager at Qosina. “We were able to make more parts in less time, enjoy less downtime on the molding machine and also take advantage of energy cost savings due to increased productivity.”

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