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Albis expands medical plastics portfolio

Article-Albis expands medical plastics portfolio

Alibis Plastic GmbH
The compounder adds materials from Covestro, Eastman, Ineos Styrolution and LyondellBasell to its product offerings.

Supplier of plastic compounds and masterbatches Albis Plastic GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) has expanded its product portfolio with new materials suited for use in medical devices, laboratory and diagnostic applications as well as pharmaceutical packaging.

The new grades fully meet the safety and functionality requirements of the healthcare market, such as notification of change, regulatory testing and support, as well as secure supply guarantees. The materials include the following:

Makroblend M 525 (PC + PBT blend) / Bayblend M 750 (PC + ABS blend) from Covestro

Makroblend M525 can be used to mold wearable medical device housings. Makroblend M 525 complies with the ISO 10993-5 (in vitro cytotoxicity) and ISO 10993-10 (irritation and sensitization) standards. Available in various colors, the material combines impact resistance (even at low temperatures) with chemical resistance.

Bayblend M 750, an opaque and non-reinforced PC/ABS blend, is available for similar applications. In addition to toughness and stiffness, Bayblend M 750 combines mechanical and thermal properties and features dimensional accuracy and stability.

Tritan MXF 121 co-polyester from Eastman Chemicals

In addition to toughness and durability, Tritan MXF 121 offers an all-color UL 94 V2 rating (in 1.5 and 3.0 mm thicknesses) as well as chemical resistance against aggressive hospital disinfectants. The impact resistance and strength, as well as certification to ISO 10993 for cytotoxicity, skin sensitization and intracutaneous reactivity, make Tritan MXF 121 suitable for applications such as housings for small handheld medical devices and diagnostic equipment.

Novodur HD M 203 FC G3 (ABS) / Styrolux 4G60 (SEBS) from Ineos Styrolution

A glass-fiber-reinforced version of the established Novodur HD M 203 FC, the material has been developed for transfer spikes in infusion systems and can also be used in applications where stiffness, flowability and dimensional stability are required. Novodur HD M 203 FC G3 is certified to relevant chapters of ISO 10993.

Styrolux 4G60 has been developed for use in IV infusion set drip chambers. It is characterized by softness and transparency and features good bonding properties. The material withstands most common sterilization methods.

Purell KT MR 07 (Polybutene-1) and Purell RP 320 M (Polypropylene) from LyondellBasell

Compatible with polypropylene, Purell KT MR 07 can be formulated to satisfy a broad range of softness and flexibility requirements. The use of Purell KT MR 07 can significantly increase impact resistance, even at temperatures below 0° C, and improve transparency.

Thanks to the absence of plasticizers, a non-phthalate based production process, resistance to kinking, weldability, transparency and flexibility, Purell KT MR 07 also opens up many opportunities for replacing PVC or SEBS in applications such as medical tubes, IV bags, caps and closures as well as seals.

Purell RP 320 M for cast film and injection molding processing features mechanical, optical and sealing properties as well as homogeneity. It is suited for flexible packaging for medical devices and drugs, caps and closures and for disposable labware.

Albis Plastic produces plastic compounds and masterbatches at six sites in Europe and China, and is slated to open a production plant for technical compounds in Duncan, SC. It is a partner in Albis Barnet Polymers LLC, a joint venture with William Barnet & Son, which is headquartered in Duncan. This is a recycling business processing post-industrial raw materials that will be used in the compounding of Altech Eco products.

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