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Animation showcases role of PVC in medical environments

Norbert Sparrow

April 22, 2016

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Animation showcases role of PVC in medical environments

Have you ever wondered why there’s so much plastic in a hospital room, rhetorically asks a brief animated video. The answer comes in short order in this cartoon produced by the PVC Med Alliance (Brussels), which highlights the salutary role PVC plays in the medical space.

Modern healthcare could not function without plastics, explains an exuberant doctor—she thrusts her fist into the air as she proclaims that single-use plastic devices have eliminated cross contamination in healthcare environments. She tells the patient that PVC—which is used in the fabrication of approximately 40% of all disposable plastic devices—allows the manufacture of a range of affordable disposable devices that meet all technical requirements. And the list of requirements is long, notes our narrator, who illustrates the point by itemizing the properties of a humble piece of medical tubing. It may seem mundane to the casual observer, but it is truly a “technical wonder,” says the doctor.

This 1-1/2 minute video won’t win any Annie awards—the animation is sketchy, but that could be considered part of its charm—and in many respects it is preaching to the choir, but the message is clear and science based. These days, that counts for a lot.

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