Biomaterial coatings company launches full-service, on-site facility for medical device OEMs

September 18, 2019

A provider of hydrophilic biomaterial coatings for medical devices, Biocoat (Horsham, PA) has launched a full-service, on-site facility for the application of its Hydak coatings to customer’s devices. Until now, Biocoat implemented the coating process at customer locations or, if necessary, recommended a third-party vendor. The new facility will save medical device companies time and money, said Biocoat.

Biocoat's Hydak coatingHydak technology is based on hyaluronic acid, and the coatings are applied by means of a thermal heat-curing system. Controlled heating accelerates drying of the solvent and any needed chemical reactions within the coating, allowing it to bond covalently to the surface. The process ensures uniformity of the coating within the inner and outer diameters of the device, said the company.

Biocoat’s coatings are typically used with vascular catheters, guidewires and other medical devices. They can be applied to a range of polymers, including polyimides, polyurethane and PEEK, as well as stainless steel, nitinol and titanium.

The company is certified to ISO 13485.

"The launch of our new coating facility helps extend Biocoat's vision of becoming a complete, turnkey coating service solution," said Jim Moran, President and CEO. "The coating services unit allows us to expertly apply our unique hydrophilic coatings in a controlled environment, which enables us to consistently produce high-quality results in an efficient and repeatable manner, while offering an unmatched customer service and best-in-market turn-around times." 

Senior Director of Operations Thomas Brugnoli was hired in January of this year to lead the design and management of the unit. He has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and has held manufacturing and engineering positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb and ConvaTec.    

"The coating services unit allows us to fully support our customers by giving them options during their development process," said Brugnoli.  "For customers who are launching a new product, our facility can support commercial production volumes; for existing clients, our coatings unit acts as a backup or overflow service for their existing coating process. We are proud to be able to accurately and efficiently process our customers' specialty devices in preparation for use by patients located around the world," said Brugnoli.

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