The British invasion, medtech division

August 14, 2018

BrexitThe possibility of a “no-deal” Brexit continues to gain currency, with a recent comment by British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt adding fuel to the fire. “Everyone needs to prepare for the possibility of a chaotic, no-deal Brexit,” Hunt told reporters in Helsinki earlier today, according to Reuters. With less than eight months until Britain quits the EU, “I think the risk of a no-Brexit deal has been increasing recently . . . there is absolutely no guarantee that we will get a deal,” Hunt said after a meeting with his Finnish counterpart. Meanwhile, the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI; London) has scheduled several trade missions to the United States this fall to facilitate networking between UK-based device manufacturers and U.S healthcare organizations. Coincidence?

ABHI, the UK’s largest health technology association, will escort member companies to the AdvaMed MedTech Conference and on a two-day tour of hospital systems in Philadelphia in September, reports Verdict Medical Devices. That is followed with an October visit to Anesthesiology 2018 as well as healthcare organizations around the San Francisco Bay area. In November, it’s off to Texas to tour hospitals in Houston, Dallas and Austin and attend meetings with leading clinicians at Dell Medical School, where ABHI maintains an innovation hub.

Verdict Medical Devices reports that more U.S. networking opportunities are in the works for 2019. “Our members repeatedly identify [the United States] as a priority market, which is why the U.S. is critical to our international strategy in helping UK companies with their export objectives,” David Phillips, ABHI Associate Director, International, told the media outlet.

Currently, the EU is the UK’s biggest export market for health technologies. What will happen in a post-Brexit world is anyone’s guess. All the more reason to nurture the special relationship.

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