Chemical-resistant, flame-retardant polyester compound introduced for medical device, lab applications

polyesterCompounder PolyVisions (Manchester, PA) has developed a high-durability, chemical-resistant and flame-retardant material for housings and enclosures in medical device and lab instrumentation applications. 

DuraPET FR is a graft-modified polyester compound capable of withstanding temperatures from –40° to more than 180° F. It is specifically designed with enhanced chemical resistance to withstand continuous exposure to germicidal cleaning compounds that destroy the properties of other commonly used thermoplastics. 

Easy to mold because of its low shrinkage and heat stability, DuraPET FR is currently used in parts ranging in weight from less than one ounce to 20 pounds. Molders have been able to use it in molds designed for PC/ABS and other materials, according to the company, and the material is also suitable for film and sheet extrusion. 

DuraPET FR has achieved a UL-approved V0 rating. 

“DuraPET FR achieves a combination of impact strength, chemical resistance and flame retardancy not available in any other material at any price today,” said PolyVisions CEO Scott B. Howard. 

A version of DuraPET made from recycled PET is also available. “Our reactive extrusion process allows us to use post-consumer regrind PET for up to 90% of the formulation. This allows OEMs to offer an innovative, sustainable alternative to their customers,” said Howard.

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