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April 12, 2016

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Covestro’s polycarbonate meets rigorous specifications for novel medical device

German medical technology company Pentracor (Hennigsdorf) has developed an adsorption device that selectively removes C-reactive protein (CRP) from blood plasma. CRP levels typically are elevated in individuals suffering from infections, inflammation or tissue damage; by lowering its concentrations following a myocardial infarction, the risk of heart failure is reduced. A key aspect of the development process involved sourcing a suitable material for the device housing. A polycarbonate from Covestro (Leverkusen, Germany) proved to be the best solution. 

The polymer used in this device had to be transparent and heat resistant, explains Covestro in a press release, as well as dimensionally stable. The device is used in a procedure called apheresis, which is similar to dialysis. The patient’s blood plasma is separated and pumped through the PentraSorb device, which removes the CRP before reintroducing the plasma into the patient. Consequently, the device must withstand high-pressure steam sterilization and the material must be approved for contact with body fluids. “The [Apec 1745] polycarbonate was always the material of choice for this application,” explains Dr. Gunnar Janelt, Head of Production at Pentracor. “But we also really appreciated the development partnership with Covestro.”

Indeed, Covestro proudly notes that it provided support in the form of materials expertise as well as its knowledge of technical applications throughout the development phase of the project.

The casing is injection-molded and the parts are then welded together ultrasonically. The filtration elements are integrated at the same time.

“This development is another example of how problems can be resolved with technical support,” says Markus Krieter, a specialist for medical technology applications in the polycarbonates business unit at Covestro. 

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