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Norbert Sparrow

June 22, 2016

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Dexcom settles on Phoenix area to manufacture glucose-monitoring devices

Medical device manufacturer Dexcom Inc. (San Diego, CA) has announced that it will construct a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mesa, AZ, to meet growing demand for its continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) business. Manufacturing operations in the 180,000-square-foot facility are expected to commence by the second quarter of 2017.

The Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM system.

“We are thrilled to locate our facility in the greater Phoenix area, where the healthcare industry is seeing accelerated growth,” said Kevin Sayer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dexcom. “We chose Mesa due to the available, talented workforce, in addition to the proximity to our headquarters in San Diego and our key suppliers. Given our company’s growth, and the growing demand for CGM technology, we felt that a significant expansion of our manufacturing capability in this location was a good strategic fit.” Financial incentives and California's abysmal reputation as a business-unfriendly state certainly also played a role.

Mesa Mayor John Giles told KJJZ.org that the city is offering to pay Dexcom $750 for each Mesa resident it hires. The incentive is capped at 300 hires, which would represent a total cost to the city of $225,000. The company projects creating more than 500 jobs over the next several years.

Dexcom has developed a CGM device the size of a Band-Aid that sends data directly to an app or smart device. CGM is important because, in addition to providing the glucose level, it provides the direction and rate of glucose change with the push of a button and alerts users when glucose is too low or too high, notes Dexcom. The G5 Mobile CGM system was approved by FDA in August 2015. The company also has partnered with Google parent company Alphabet’s medtech division Verily to develop a miniature glucose monitor by 2018.

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